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Ejecting me won’t make Brexit easier: Theresa May

Published on : 19 November 2018, 11:26 AM
Ejecting me won’t make Brexit easier: Theresa May


UK Prime Minister Theresa May warned critics that the Brexit would not be easy if she is ousted from the post of the Prime Minister. Rather it may be delayed further.

On Wednesday, PM May announced the draft agreement of Brexit and it got approved in the cabinet. But after some hours, the situation turned upside down as many several ministers and state ministers started resigning protesting the agreement.

Due to dissatisfaction with May`s Brexit agreement, the demand for new leadership of the MPs became strong. Yet, in support of the agreement, May said that there is no other alternative.

In an interview on Sky News yesterday (Sunday), May said that the next week is going to be critical for the UK`s future. And so, she does not want to deviate from this. Moreover, progress in discussions about the future of EU-UK relations may win the discontent of Tory MPs, she commented.

Warning to those who are trying to oust her from her post, May said, "It is not going to make the negotiations any easier and it won`t change the parliamentary arithmetic."

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019. The EU said in a statement that despite there is a draft agreement with the UK on Brexit, there is still a lot of work left on the issue.


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