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Democrats win House, Trump shifts focus on Senate

Published on : 07 November 2018, 03:55 PM
Democrats win House, Trump shifts focus on Senate


US Democratic Party has regained control of the US House of Representatives on Tuesday in the mid-term elections, after eight years of Republican majority.

It has not managed, however, to strike what would have been a lethal blow, since the Conservatives maintained their grip on the Senate.

It opens a stage of uncertainty, in which the controversial dreams of Trump, such as raising wall between the US and Mexico to stop immigration or the liquidation of the health reform of Barack Obama are mortally wounded. Discontent with the president, one of the most unpopular and divisive rulers in recent history, has mobilized progressive voters in legislative elections marked by high participation and the reflection of a new time. Americans have chosen a Congress with more women and more racial and religious diversity than ever.

The election confirms a historical trend for the party that is not in the White House to make gains in the mid-terms.

After losing in the House of Representatives, Trump has shifted his focus on the Senate. He tweeted recently praising himself, ‘“There’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off-year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him. This guy has magic coming out of his ears. He is an astonishing vote getter & campaigner. The Republicans are.........’

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