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Strong earthquake hits Indonesia again

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Published on : 10 August 2018, 12:21 PM
Strong earthquake hits Indonesia again


A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits again in the island of Lombok of Indonesia. On Thursday there were new tremors felt in the famous tourist destination.
Just four days earlier a 7-magnitude earthquake devastated the Lombok island. Residents of the island could not even overcome the effects of the previous strike. Meanwhile, panic spread following the new tremors. 
Even after Sunday, 355 aftershocks have been felt in the last two days. But geologists are not ready to acknowledge the Thursday`s tremor as an aftershock. 
Various photos and videos have shown that the bikes standing on the street got inverted. The wall of some houses broke down. As a result, the authorities of the country are afraid of the new casualties
Meanwhile, the rescue and relief work is being hindered because of continuous tremors. Due to the damage of the roads, the relief materials could not be distributed amongst the victims in time. However, the administration of the country has taken all-out measures for disaster management.


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