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Nicolás Maduro survives drone assassination attempt

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Published on : 05 August 2018, 11:55 AM
Nicolás Maduro survives drone assassination attempt


Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro survives a drone assassination attempt. His government said an attempt was made to kill him using an explosive-laden drone. The international media confirmed that the attack took place during the speech at the 81st anniversary of the army in Caracas, the capital of the country.

Directly broadcasted footage shows that during the speech the president and other officials suddenly become startled looking at the top. Army members standing in rows start ramping. Large explosions are heard at that time.

President Maduro said to be in `perfect` health though. He blamed Colombia for the attack. However, Bogotá has blown it off referring the accusation `baseless`.

The Venezuelan authorities said seven soldiers were injured in the attack and several others were arrested.

Meanwhile, the country`s Communication Minister blamed the right-wing party for the attack. He said, after losing the election, they lost this time also.

President Maduro complained that this incident is the conspiracy of neighboring Colombia and the United States. He also said there is no doubt that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack.


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