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BMW recalls 1.4m cars for risk of catching fire

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Published on : 05 November 2017, 10:33 AM
BMW recalls 1.4m cars for risk of catching fire



BMW has registered two recalls with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recalls affect versions of the 3-series, 5-series, X5, X3 and Z3.

The first recall, which spans more than 740,000 vehicles, covers a part of the engine that may face short-circuiting problem and melt. This develops the chances of catching a fire, even when the vehicle isn`t on the move.

BMW, in its NHTSA filing, said it`s not aware of any related mishaps or injuries.

The second recall, which is for roughly 673,000 vehicles, deals with defective wiring for the heating and air conditioning system. There`s a chance it can overheat, prompting the electrical connectors to melt and raise the risk of fire, even when the vehicle is unattended.

BMW received four incident reports linked to this issue, with three reports of injuries.

In both cases, the repairs will be starting from December 18, 2017.