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Trump`s picks Brett Kavanaugh for SC justice

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Published on : 10 July 2018, 01:12 PM
Trump`s picks Brett Kavanaugh for SC justice


President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that Brett Kavanaugh is his candidate to be the new Supreme Court justice after the surprise resignation announcement days ago of Judge Anthony Kennedy.

‘This is the second time I have been faced with this task.  Last year, I nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia. I chose Justice Gorsuch because I knew that he, just like Justice Scalia, would be a faithful servant of our Constitution,’ Trump continued, ‘In keeping with President Reagan’s legacy, I do not ask about a nominee’s personal opinions.  What matters is not a judge’s political views, but whether they can set aside those views to do what the law and the Constitution require.  I am pleased to say that I have found, without doubt, such a person. Tonight, it is my honor and privilege to announce that I will nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.’

Kavanaugh is 53 years old and he has been serving as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia since 2004. He was nominated by the former Republican President George W. Bush. He attended the appointment ceremony along with his wife and two daughters.

According to Trump Judge Kavanaugh has ‘impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications, and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law.’

He also praises Kavanaugh by saying, ‘There is no one in America more qualified for this position, and no one more deserving.’

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