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Honor killing, a curse of humanity

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Published on : 22 June 2018, 08:17 AM
Honor killing, a curse of humanity
Three people have recently killed a young man in Delhi in our neighboring India. The crime of the murdered youth was his intimate relationship with a girl of a different religion. Almost everyone knows about the consequence of Pakistani Internet celebrity Qandeel Baloch. On July 15, 2016, she was killed in her own house by her younger brother. In 2010, a 16-year-old girl was found dead in Turkey. Her family members buried her alive for speaking with boys.

These horrendous events mentioned above are true and are definitely not any isolated incidents. The people were scapegoats of a distorted, twisted and trashy custom of the society. This barbaric custom is acknowledged as `honor killing` which shows the darkest tradition of the human society. This custom proves that ill-breeding and blind beliefs can turn people into an animal.

There is no exact statistics on how many young girls and women are being brutally murdered in the name of protecting the honor of the family every year. The figure fluctuates between 5,000 to 20,000. In many cases, men also become victims of this twisted custom.

According to the figures collected and published sporadically since 2000, there are about 5000 incidents of honor killing across the world. This number agrees with the UN statement as well. Since many cases of Honor killing are denoted as mere accident or suicide, there is nothing to be surprised of about the actual statistics which is four times higher than the official report. Those who are killed in the name of protecting the honor of the family, their average age is 23 and sadly 93 percent of them are girls. Two-thirds of them are killed by their family members.

This practice is more common in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syrian Republic and other countries of the Middle East. But in countries such as England, France, Germany, the incident of the honor killing also takes place.

According to an international media report, in 2016, the rate of Honor Killing in India increased to 800%. According to the Indian National Crime Records Bureau, these incidents are happening in remote areas of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana. According to government statistics, there are 1,100 cases of honor killings in Pakistan in 2015.

Women`s position in the society, fanaticism, blind faith and social structure of the countries of subcontinent encourage honor killing. Because of the public support for honor killing in rural society, it interrupts all attempts to eliminate this misdemeanor.

In this case, the problem in Bangladesh is not so much as those of the neighboring countries, but still, some separated events are happening in our society. In this case, social workers are now working to make the society aware of this problem.

`Honor Killing` is cancerous for the human society. There is no honor in killing somebody, especially when the person is a family member.