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Company apologizes as train departs 25 secs early

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Published on : 17 May 2018, 02:32 PM
Company apologizes as train departs 25 secs early


Train schedules collapsed due to this and that is a very common scenario in Bangladesh. Trains going ten to fifteen minutes behind or ahead of the scheduled time is never a matter of concern here. Trains falling into schedule collapse- like four to five hours behind- is not a rare incident here too. Specially, during vacations like Eid, Puja or a regular holiday, it is normal for the Bangladesh Railway to go through a schedule collapse.

Just about five thousand kilometers away, there is a country which often becomes the headline of breaking news or the trending topic on social media for some ‘bizarre disciplinary stories’. Trains almost never fail to keep up with the schedule in this country. Even 25 seconds early departure of a train makes a train company apologize describing the incident as inexcusable. The country we are talking about is none other than Japan, which probably many of you already had on your mind.

What happened is that a Japanese train company named West Japan Railways has apologized to its passengers for the 25 seconds early departure of a train. The company has described the incident as "inexcusable" and has assured that they will make an effort so that such incident does not take place again.

The "inexcusable" incident occurred on May 11. The train started at 7:11 and 35 seconds, 25 seconds ahead of schedule, by mistake. A fact that in the rest of the world goes unnoticed, but in Japan, it meant complaints to the station staff by passengers who could not get on the train, and who apparently were not seen by the driver.

It is to be noted that the next train that started from the station was at 7.19 am, only six minutes after the previous train left the station.

Last November a train left 20 seconds earlier and the company also issued an apology statement.

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