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NK threatens to cancel talks with US

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Published on : 16 May 2018, 12:02 PM
NK threatens to cancel talks with US


North Korea has threatened to cancel a top-level meeting with the US, if Washington continues to pressurize unilaterally to withdraw North Korea’s nuclear program. Citing the North Korean state news agency the international media confirm this news on Wednesday.

North Korea`s leader Kim Jong-un will have a highly anticipated meeting with the US President Donald Trump on June 12 in Singapore. After the announcement that North Korea is ready to stop its nuclear weapons program the day of the meeting was fixed.

But the international media informed that an angry North Korea over the joint military exercises of the US and South Korea withdrew itself from the upcoming ministerial meeting with South Korea on Wednesday.

North Korea`s vice-foreign minister Kim Kye-gwan has complained that the United States gives reckless statements on North Korea`s nuclear power and they seem to have sinister intentions. He said,  "If the United States forces us to leave our nuclear weapons unilaterally by cornering us, then we will not have any interest in the meeting and in that case, we will rethink that whether we will take part in the upcoming NK-US summit or not."

He also said that “In exchange of abandoning our nuclear program, the United States has assured us on providing financial reward and benefits. But we did not create our economies - that would be run with the favor of America.” They will not sign any contract in the future, he informed.

The improvement of relations between North Korea and South Korea was seen to have been for several weeks. However, today relations between the two countries have taken a dramatic turn. North Korea has closed the high-level meeting of the two countries.

North Korea objected to the Air Force`s exercise named `Max Thunder` between South Korea and the United States. The country has been protesting over such exercise for a long time.


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