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Palestine: where angel fears to trade

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Published on : 16 May 2018, 08:20 AM
Palestine: where angel fears to trade

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 15) the Palestinians celebrated 70th anniversary of their Al Nakba or "Day of the Catastrophe". The Palestinians have to shed blood even after 70 years of their exodus. Just a day before Nakba (Monday), 59 Palestinians were killed in an attack by the Israeli forces, and about 2700 people were injured in this one day`s attack. And like every time this unjustified killings have been avoided by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He just ignores his liability by referring this murder as an operation against terrorists. According to him, his military did not kill any people; they killed some terrorists who threaten the safety of the Israeli state.

The Palestinians` are shedding their blood from 1947-48. On May 15, 1948 Israelis overthrew 10 lac Palestinians and destroyed their inhabitants. During the birth of Israel State in 1947-48, the destruction was carried out. The older Palestinians are still memorizing the brutal and repressive behavior of Israel. Many of them are direct victim of Nakba disaster. They still carried their deprivation and miserable story along them and narrate it to the new generation.

Six Palestinians were killed on March 30, 1976, in protest against the construction of Jewish settlements in southern Israel. From the very next year, the Palestinians are celebrating the six weeks started from 30 March to 15 May as the Land Day. The Palestinians observe the last day of the program as `Nakba` or "Day of the Catastrophe". In this year’s program known as Great Return March at least 54 Palestinians have lost their lives until Monday. On Monday, 59 more people were killed in one day.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced three days mourning on the tragic death of 59 Palestinians. The world leaders including the United Nations also reacted badly to the execution of Palestinians. But still the aggression of Israel is not diminished. This is probably because the influential US is in their side. Even observing the current context it would not be wrong to say that many of the principles of the US are currently controlled by Israel. Transferring the US embassy in Jerusalem, the withdrawal of the Iran treaty, supporting the pro Israeli Saudi Prince Salman are enough to prove the above mentioned claim.

When the United States announced the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem, the world leaders had warned that this arbitrary decision would further increase the crisis in Middle East. Finally, it was so. The Zionists want to establish an ultra-conservative Israeli state by occupying some parts of Jordan-Syria-Egypt and whole Palestine. And to protect the integrity of their land against this will, the Palestinians who become martyred referred as terrorists, and their brutal assassinations are addressed by the US policymakers as the "new beginning of peace process".

The Palestinians are not only giving life for freedom or for their motherland, they are giving life to establish truth against the cruelest falsehood of civilization. Their fight is not only of the Arabs or Muslims their legacy is of humanity. It is not possible for Israel to establish single authority in that area without the complete elimination and deportation of the Palestinians who are engaged in the longest liberation struggle in human history. Since the specific boundary less Israel is not taking any breaks in the possession of the Arab land, so the fight will continue. As long as a single Palestinian remains in this earth, Israel`s lies and wrong will face challenges until then.