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Palestinians embark new protests

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Published on : 15 May 2018, 04:40 PM
Palestinians embark new protests


At least 59 Palestinian protesters have been killed and another 2,400 have been injured by the Israeli forces to curb the protests that erupted throughout the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and in Jerusalem when the celebration of the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem began. It is the deadliest day of the conflict in four years. Of the 2400 injured people, hundreds of them are in critical condition. 

On Tuesday, the border has been declared a closed military zone and the army has prevented hundreds of journalists from entering the area for two hours before letting them in, report El Pais.

In addition, a general strike has been called in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, on Nakba Day (disaster in Arabic), in which Palestinians remember seven decades of exile and loss of territories after the birth of Israel. In East Jerusalem, it is being widely seconded.

The Palestinians are burying the victims today, after violent clashes with the Israeli army. Yesterday was the bloodiest day of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the summer 2014 war in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army deployed hundreds of snipers, responsible for the majority of deaths and injuries. They also used tear gas against protesters. Among the victims on Monday were eight children, including a baby, Leila Al Ghandur, a girl of just eight months who died after inhaling tear gas during the clashes between protesters and soldiers at the border, as announced by the Ministry of Palestinian health. Now it is not clear how far the girl and her family were from the fence that separates Gaza from Israel.

Over the past seven weeks, the so-called Great Return March has sparked massive demonstrations on the Gaza Strip border with Israel, which have so far resulted in more than a hundred deaths and some 10,000 gunshot wounds. The army had warned the Gaztan population, by means of leaflets written in Arabic launched from airplanes, of not approaching the separation fence. Combat units, special forces, intelligence services and snipers were sent to the border to double the existing military deployment. 

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