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Bomb attack on Indonesia police station

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Published on : 14 May 2018, 02:39 PM
Bomb attack on Indonesia police station


A family of five, including a 9-year old minor, riding on two motorbikes carried out a suicide bombing on Monday at a police headquarters in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

The attack came just after a day when three other bomb attacks were carried out in the same city targeting Churches and killing 13 people as well as wounding 30 others.

The Jakarta Post newspaper, citing police sources, reports that the attack has left at least "seven victims”, although it does not specify whether they are injured or killed.

The police identified the attackers as members of the same family and explained that three minors between 9 and 16 years were used in the attack. The family is among the many families who returned from the conflict-hit Syria. Police said that they were the members of Jemaah AnsharutDaulah (JAD), an Indonesian IS-inspired network, an organization that subsequently claimed responsibility for this attack.

The government of Indonesia called this attack as "cowardly, undignified and inhumane". "There will be no compromise in taking action on the ground to stop terrorism," the government source said.

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