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Trump`s Iran decision and an ostracized US

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Published on : 11 May 2018, 08:05 AM
Trump`s Iran decision and an ostracized US

In July 2015, a `framework agreement` was signed between Iran and six world powers. Accordingly whose condition, Iran has to limit the speed of its uranium enrichment. In exchange, the six world powers and the European Union lifted trade sanctions already imposed on Iran. International Atomic Energy Agency is monitoring whether Iran is fulfilling the conditions.

Now the latest news is that on Tuesday (May 8th), US President Donald Trump announced the decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran. Mentioning the deal as "rotten", Trump referred that deal as an embarrassment for him as an US citizen. On the previous night, a former Trump administration official said, "Iran treaty should be shot on the head. It`s bad for the United States, bad for the world, bad for our friends."His speech proves that how much hatred the trump administration has towards the nuclear deal with Iran.

Now the question is the why did President Trump withdraw from the treaty? Its possible reasons are three. First, to undermine Obama`s achievements. Since taking power, he has cancelled various contracts, followed different steps taken by his predecessor. His speeches and statements about the decisions taken by the Obama administration prove how much he hates his predecessor and how much he enjoys bullying him.

Second reason is associated with the influence of Israel and Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman on Trump administration in the Middle East policy. In the case of dominance in regional politics, the two countries mentioned above are now considering Iran as one of their main enemies. So, for the most trusted friends of trump administration in the Middle East the new and tougher sanctions against Iran can be considered as gift.

Thirdly, President Trump`s declared policy is America First, because of this principle he is not hesitant to walk alone. For this reason, he ignored the request of his European allies and declared this only for his own sake.

Meanwhile, the world leaders have criticized the unilateral decision of Trump. French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May jointly said in a statement, "We hope that while taking a decision the US administration and Congress will consider the threat to security in the US and its allies." The European Union foreign policy affairs chief Federica Mogherini said in Brussels that "The agreement with Iran is international and cannot be terminated by any single country." The European Union has also announced full support for the implementation of the agreement until Iran is committed to the nuclear deal.

The agreement with Iran was not perfect, but this agreement made the whole region, the world and the United States safe. This nuclear deal created a new structure. But after the announcement of the US president, new fears have emerged. The former Director General of IAEA, Mohamed El Baradei said the fear of another war is now more intensifying in the world.

But the hope is that, the leaders of the rest of the country do not want to break this agreement. Mogherini said, "`This is the consequence of a twelve-year diplomatic effort, it is the effort of the whole international community, it cannot be broken by anyone.` There was a gap in greater Europe with the United States during the Iraq War, Poland and UK weresupporting US though. There are indications that there are no European countries are in support for the US this time - which means that this is an unprecedented distance now. In this case, the good news is America`s monopoly dominance has become somewhat weak. Meanwhile, Iran is also ready to face the worst situation. Now the matter to observe is how the US President`s decision control the pace of global politics.

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