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Iraq executes 11 people under anti-terrorism law

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Published on : 17 April 2018, 11:57 AM
Iraq executes 11 people under anti-terrorism law


Iraq has executed 11 people who were convicted of being involved in terrorist activities. Citing the law ministry of the country, the international media published this news.

In a statement of the law ministry released on Monday, it was informed that the convicts were accused of car bomb attacks, killing of the members of law enforcing agencies, kidnapping and various kinds of terrorist activities. The country’s authority did not reveal anything about the date and location of the terrorist activities of the convicted though.

This year it was Iraq`s first execution of the death penalty. According to Amnesty International, the country has executed 111 people in the year 2017.

In December of that year, 38 people were executed under the anti-terrorism law in country’s Nasiriyah prison. Three months before this incident 42 convicted were executed in the same prison.

Although the foreign diplomats and international human rights groups continuously criticize and pressurize Iraq over such executions. Nevertheless, the government of the country has conducted this execution on Monday.


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