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Macron convinced Trump

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Published on : 16 April 2018, 10:32 AM
Macron convinced Trump


French President Emmanuel Macron has convinced US President Donald Trump not to withdraw the troops from Syria. He also made Trump promise to make a long-term military deployment in Syria.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump has announced that the US forces would soon move away from Syria. But it did not really happen. The French President answered on why the US military did not leave Syria. Besides, Macron said that he also advised Trump to run limited attacks in Syria.

In a television interview, Emmanuel Macron said, “Ten days ago, Donald Trump said that the US troops will be withdrawn from Syria. We reinforce that it is necessary to stay there for a long time.” Referring that he phoned Donald Trump, the French president said, "We convince him that our attacks will be limited and that it will only be run on the reserves of chemical weapons."

White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said after the French president`s statement, "The policy of the United States has not changed; the US President still wants to bring the soldiers back from Syria as soon as possible." But the spokesman also said that the United States wants to ultimately destroy the Islamic State or the IS so that it could never return to power again.

On Saturday, the United States, United Kingdom and France jointly attacked in Syrian government-controlled areas. This joint attack on Syria has conducted because of the alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government.

In the past week, there was a tension in the western world after chemical attacks in Syria`s Douma area. Since then, this joint attack has been planned. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s government has always denied the chemical attack in Douma. Syrian ally, Russia also opposes the attack.