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UN SC rejects Russia’s proposal to condemn Syrian strikes

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Published on : 15 April 2018, 11:08 AM
UN SC rejects Russia’s proposal to condemn Syrian strikes


The condemnation proposal raised in the United Nations Security Council over the strikes by the United States and its allies in Syria did not pass. On Saturday (April 14th), the proposal was raised by Russia who condemned the attack on the Syrian Arab Republic by referring that this attack as a violation of the international law and UN Charter.

It has been reported that only Russia, China, and Bolivia voted for the proposal. The eight countries voted against the proposal and four countries abstained from voting. Any resolution needs 9 votes to pass in the UN Security Council.

The United States, France, and the United Kingdom have launched joint missile strikes aiming at three chemical weapons facilities on Friday, accusing Syria of a chemical attack in a rebel-controlled city. These countries have alleged that the Assad government was producing chemical weapons at those installations situated in Damascus and Homes.

Hundreds of missile attacks have already been targeted in these installations. Syria has acknowledged the destruction of a chemical laboratory in Damascus.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said that this attack will continue until chemical weapons production is stopped. Syrian ally Russia says the attack by the United States and its allies will be answered.


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