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Woman fought off wild tiger to save her goat

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Published on : 04 April 2018, 04:41 PM
Woman fought off wild tiger to save her goat


A 23-year-old woman, named Rupali Meshram, fended off a tiger which targeted her goat as a prey. She was lucky to survive the dual against a full-grown tiger as she had only a stick to fight off the tiger.

According to Rupali, who lived in western Maharashtra state, suddenly heard her goat scream. She ran out her house, picked up a stick and hit the tiger with it. The tiger then attacked her which caused her minor injuries.

It was her mother who actually saved her by pulling her inside the house and eventually saving her from the attack of the tiger. And the goat survived the attack too.

After fending off the tiger, she did not forget to take a selfie of this unforgettable moment and publish it on social media. The photo shows that her face was covered with a mask of blood.

Before the forest guard arrived there, the tiger had already left the place as it took 30 minutes for them to arrive there. It has also been known that the village frequently comes under attack by wild animals. 

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