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Attacks in important places kill 16 in Burkina Faso

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Published on : 03 March 2018, 10:14 AM
Attacks in important places kill 16 in Burkina Faso


At least 16 people were killed in terrorist attacks in the French embassy and army headquarters in Ouagadougou, capital of West African country Burkina Faso. In this incident, 80 people including civilians were also injured. The authorities fear that the number of casualties may increase further.

The Prime Minister`s Office was also affected by the Friday attack. Eight members of the security forces and eight assailants were killed in the incident. Eyewitnesses said, 5 armed men, stopped their cars and fired on the common pedestrians in front of the French embassy. At that time the attackers were killed in the operation of law enforcement agencies, said the country`s authority.

Burkina Faso`s security minister Clément Sawadogo said "The car carrying the attackers was filled with explosives. The attacks caused extensive damages. We can say it was a suicide attack." Sawadogo said a peace talk was going on between five nations at the army headquarters during the attack.  The aim of the attackers was to spoil the discussion.

According to international media reports, the situation in the French Embassy in Burkina Faso is now normal. It is not immediately clear who had carried out the attack. In a television interview, the country`s information minister Remis Fulgens described the attack as "a major terrorist attack".

Like many other African countries, sanguinary Jihadi rebellion is going on in Burkina Faso.


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