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Syria, a living hell

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Published on : 01 March 2018, 08:03 AM
Syria, a living hell


“I will complain about you to God; I will tell him everything!” was the last line of a three years old dying Syrian boy who was severely injured in a bomb blast. This little boy had to die with span less pain and terror in Syrian war before understanding the meaning of life. 

In March, the civil war in Syria will enter its eighth year, with more than 465,000 Syrians killed and over 12 million displaced from their homes. A report shows that nearly 1 in 4 civilians killed in Syria is a child. Syrian residents have lived with death for the last few years. On the one hand terrorism of militant organizations Islamic State, on the other hand, the air strikes and ground attacks of President Bashar al-Assad`s forces and his Russian allies in the name of suppressing the militant group and rebels turned Syria into hell. Especially since the 18th of February, the atrocities of the Assad forces on the civilians in the name of restraining the rebels have got a terrible form in Eastern Ghouta.

Nearly 400,000 civilians are trapped as Syria`s government pounds the Eastern Ghouta district with air raids and artillery. About 582 innocent people have died including 185 children and 109 women in several attacks. More than a few thousand people are struggling with death in the hospital. The strategically important area, located 10 kilometers east of Damascus, is under the control of the Syrian government since 2013 and is the last rebel stronghold near the capital.

Government forces have allegedly used mortar shells, barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and bunker-busting munitions. Syrian forces also launched a ground offensive targeting areas on the edges of Eastern Ghouta to make it easier for their ground forces to advance. The bombing, which Amnesty International said amounted to war crimes, has damaged or destroyed six hospitals and medical centers across the city, residents say. Chronic food and medicine shortages have devastated Eastern Ghouta with severe cases of malnutrition. Meanwhile, international human rights organizations have claimed that chemical weapons are being applied to the civilians on Eastern Ghouta. Though Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described this allegation as bogus stories.

On Saturday, February 25, the UN Security Council - including Russia - voted in favor of a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire without delay. Starting from Tuesday, civilians were supposedly offered to flee Eastern Ghouta through a "humanitarian corridor" during a daily five-hour pause announced by Russia. However, according to international media, not a single person inside Eastern Ghouta has been evacuated.

Meanwhile, four people, including a woman, were killed in a fresh attack by the government forces while a truce was underway. So a second attempt at implementing a ceasefire in Syria`s rebel-held Eastern Ghouta has begun.

Time will tell whether this truce will be maintained peacefully or not. The confined Syrians in Eastern Ghouta think that "Except Allah, the whole world forgot their existence. They are waiting for terrible death in blockaded Ghouta. Because the politics and war do not care about humanity." Considering the overall situation, it can be said that the confined Ghouta is waiting with its 400,000 inhabitants to be destroyed.