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Death toll from airstrikes reaches 250 in Syria

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Published on : 21 February 2018, 01:54 PM
Death toll from airstrikes reaches 250 in Syria


In the last 48 hours, more than 250 people died in the continuous air strikes of the government forces and its Russian allies in the Eastern Ghouta enclave of Syria. Hundreds were injured in these attacks.

According to the UK- based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 106 people were killed on Tuesday, of whom 50 were children. According to the agency, it was the highest two-day death toll since a 2013 chemical attack on the besieged enclave, which killed hundreds.

The United Nations said on Tuesday that 106 people were killed in the area by continuous air strikes. In the last two days, air strikes have been carried out on 6 hospitals. At least three hospitals were partially destroyed and the medical facilities were completely stopped.

"I am extremely shocked at the horrific attack on 6 hospitals in the past 48 hours," said Panos Moumtzis, the UN`s regional humanitarian coordinator said on Syria crisis.

Syrian-American Medical Society claims that air strikes have also been carried out in another major hospital outside the United Nations list.

Khalid Abulabed, a field doctor in the Damascus suburb said, "What is going on in the area right now is a terrible catastrophe. It can be described as unbelievable in one word, which reminds of the incident of Aleppo. Doctors, residences, schools and markets are not being excluded from bombs and missiles.


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