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Unsolved deaths in ancient world

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Published on : 05 February 2018, 08:00 AM
Unsolved deaths in ancient world

Archaeologists from all parts of the world are always in search of various mysteries of the ancient world. Because of their untiring hard work, we can learn about the strange events of the ancient world. Much of the information related to the birth and death of primitive people came up in their studies. Again, recovering the mysteries of some discoveries has become difficult for them also. For example, archaeologists have found some dead bodies for which the true cause of their deaths remains a mystery even today. Today`s whole writing is based on the history of the mysteries of some of the unsolved deaths of the ancient world.

King Tutankhamun`s death
Tutankhamun served as Pharaoh of Egypt until 1332-1323 BCE. At the age of 18, he died in 1323. The real reason for his death is not known till today. It has been claimed that King Tutan has died in an accident. Archaeologists established these concepts when they saw signs of injury in his body. However, many researchers later rejected this idea. According to them, because his legs were slightly curved from birth, it was difficult for him to stand without help from others.

Many researchers think that Tutankhamun was killed. The existence of malaria bacteria is found in his body in a DNA test conducted in 2010. From this, it is assumed that Tutankhamun died of malaria and coronary diseases.

In June 2010, a group of German researchers blamed sickle-cell disease as the cause of King`s death. At one time it was thought that he might have been beaten and killed. This idea is proved wrong by a 2005 study. Later, the researchers examined the CT scan image and concluded that Tutankhamun`s parents were siblings! Any genetic defect received from parents is also blamed for his physical weakness. There have also been various types of diseases responsible for the death of Tutankhamun.

Murder in Maya Civilization
A group of researchers from the University of Bonn, Germany, once discovered a man-made cave that once was used as a reservoir, while digging Uxul, a city of Maya civilization in Campeche, Mexico. They found skeletons of 24 people inside the cave. Curiously, the entire skeleton`s heads were separated from the main body. That is, they were killed by the beheading. After that, their limbs were cut and scattered all over the place! The bones were spread all over the cave. Some skeletons head and jaws were separated. During the time of death, the victims were between 18 and 42 years old. Out of 24 people, two were women and 13 men. The gender of the rest could not be identified.

From this discovery, archaeologists realized that the people of the Maya civilization used such cruel methods to annihilate their enemies. One of the dead was wearing a kind of precious green stone on his teeth, which conveyed its nobility. But the real reason behind their death is still unknown.

Pierced skull of Kanaljorden
In 2009, a group archaeologist found a settlement of about 8,000 years old in the south-eastern city of Motala in Sweden, named Kanaljorden. They discovered a mass grave pressed by stone in the bottom of a shallow lake. 11 skulls and parts of skulls were found in the grave. Surprisingly, these skulls were pierced with wooden stakes.

Even today, archaeologists did not know the real identity of the unfortunate and why they were buried in this way. They could not even solve the mystery of how one part of a woman`s skull came inside of another woman`s skull.

Of course, scientists have raised two theories to explain this situation. They did not provide clear events to prove their theories though.

1) After the flesh has been ripened, the dead were raised again. After piercing in the stake they have buried again in the slopes. Such practices were common in other Mesolithic sites found in Sweden.

2) They may have been killed by an enemy in a war. Later their skulls were brought here as reminding.

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