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Spooky hotels around the world

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Published on : 04 February 2018, 08:28 AM
Spooky hotels around the world

Generally travelers avoid the spooky places to stay at night while traveling. But there are some adventurous people who are more attracted to this weird place. The spooky hotels are notorious, but there are many undesirable and sad events involved in this. Today, we will tell about some of the ghostly hotels.

Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

The Oberoi Grand Hotel is well-known haunted hotel in Kolkata. It is city’s one of the most ambitious hotels. There is no end of fright and curiosity among the people about the strange occurrences happening in this hotel. The spooky events started at night in the lobby of the hotel. Some invisible force continued to run outside the room. The guests who visited the hotel repeatedly complained about this but the authorities did not find anything in the investigation. But the specter did not stop. There are many other strange phenomena like sound of whispering, sudden gust of wind, sudden spill of glass without any reason is still happening in this hotel.

Langham Hotel, London

The hotel built in 1885, has many prominent people living at different times. Besides this, there is existence of many astral bodies in this hotel too. A male shadow wearing a Victorian dress is seen in room number 333. But this shadow is only seen in the month of October. There is no problem at other times. Many people saw a man wearing a military dress on the window of the hotel`s 4th floor. It is believed that this is the spirit of the German Prince who jumped from the window before commencing World War I.

Hotel Burchianti, Italy

This hotel in Florence, Italy, is known as the Ghost Hotel. Because many of those who have stayed at this hotel have experienced various unearthly events in it. Small children`s shadow, knitting woman on the chair, strange vacuum cleaner at dawn are seen in this hotel. Even many people said that Mussolini’s soul has seen at the hotel room where he had stayed.

Russell Hotel, Australia

Located in Sydney, room no 8 of this hotel is avoided by all visitors. Because many people have horror experience in this room. It is said that a sailor`s soul is stuck in this room. The hotel staff got a loud sound of walks from the room in the deep night regularly. Although no one stayed in the room.

Castle Stuart, Scotland

Established in 1625, this castle was built by James Stewart. He was a relative of the Queen of Scotland. Since the castle was made, different types of horror incidents occurred in it. As a result, it becomes unapt for the people at one stage. Many do not believe it though. And so Stewart announced at a time that if anyone can stay one night in the castle and prove that there is no ghost, he will be rewarded. The local priest Petty Church accepted the offer. Next morning his lifeless body was found in the castle. There was still the impression of fear in the face of the body.

Coombe AB Hotel, England

A person named Geoffrey was killed in the hotel in 1345. But his killer was never found. But Geoffrey`s spirit did not leave the hotel. Many people get the sound of throwing utensil in the hotels kitchen in the middle of the night. It sounds like someone seems to be throwing the utensil out of rage.


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