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Australia pays goodwill visit to Philippines followed by India

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Published on : 10 October 2017, 02:40 PM
Australia pays goodwill visit to Philippines followed by India HMAS Anzac (FFH-150)


After the goodwill visit of Indian Navy vessels, two Australian navy vessels have arrived in Manila of Philippines on 10 October for a five-day goodwill visit. One of the ships is known to be the biggest helicopter dock of Australia. The country is playing the card to increase their security presence and influence in this region.  

The Australian ships, docked in Manila, are known as Adelaide and HMAS Darwin. Adelaide is a landing helicopter dock and the HMAS is a guided missile frigate. The Australian ambassador Amanda Gorley and Philippine navy officials received the crew members with greetings.

Their focus would be on maritime security and stability, says Amanda Gorey.

“The main goal of the deployment as we tour around the region is to prove Australian commitment to strengthening regional security and regional stability,” said the contingent head, Capt. Jonathan Earley. 

On 6 October, the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that a policy paper would be issued soon in the following year. It would present the guideline on how Australia can exercise its power and authority to protect a rules-based international order that is already under a lot of stress.


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