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Samsung to go bezel-less

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Published on : 05 December 2017, 02:10 PM
Samsung to go bezel-less


On the next International Consumer Electronics Show, which is going to take place on January in Las Vegas, Samsung is rumored to unveil its Galaxy X having folding feature and Galaxy S9, with a brand-new ultra look. However, reports say that Samsung is working on a far more radical looking Galaxy smartphone calling off it`s all previous plans.

According to the renowned Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital, Samsung is going to build a bezel-less smartphone, beating its own previous 82.98% screen-to-body ratio record. However, the bezel-less does not mean going completely bezel-less, it is only a marketing term.


Moreover, Samsung is expected to add “bent areas” feature which allows the phone`s top, bottom, and side parts to bend by 180-degree.

And yes, this is no science fiction!

Source: Forbes