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Artificial intelligence to identify potential suicide victims

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Published on : 28 November 2017, 03:57 PM
Artificial intelligence to identify potential suicide victims

Facebook, world’s largest social media site has launched a program which would be able to identify potential suicide victims. The artificial intelligence will scan posts and comments of its users to identify suicidal intents.

A Facebook team will then contact the friends and local authorities of the potential victim. Although any technical details were not shared, the software searches for certain phrases that could be clues, such as the questions “Are you ok?” and “Can I help?”

When Facebook launched the Live video broadcasting, a number of suicidal and violent videos circulated widely on the web. This prompted to hire 3000 more employees who would monitor the videos and other contents.

A total of 17,048 employees work at Facebook (until 31st December, 2016). There are 29 million registered Facebook users in Bangladesh.


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