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The new era of robots & AI

Published on : 07 October 2018, 03:29 PM
The new era of robots & AI


A recent report of the International Monetary Fund summarized a question that many workers are asking around the world, ‘Should we be afraid of the robotic revolution?’ The correct answer is `yes`. It is not about fearing the robots as it happened in the Terminator saga, but about the effect that automation will have on the labor market.

The market of Robot grows 25% annually and focuses on the four most powerful economies in the world, China, the United States, Japan, and Germany. And its growth is faster than the experts believed, and several calculations indicate the explosion of robots in industry, daily life and services between 2018 and 2023 further.

The effect of robotization will not be the same in each sector, country or region, but everything indicates that the world around us will change enormously. Just think about the effects that smartphones, which have only been with us for 10 years, have had on society. It infers that the irruption of robots will be even more profound and transformative. Soon we will find them, for example, in the street, doing maintenance tasks, or in hospitals. And they are already in many houses of the Western countries doing cleaning works. However, the robots are not the problem alone. Next to the robot, there lies an enormous problem, the artificial intelligence, which has the capacity to process enormous amount of information.

The affiliation with robots raises ethical dilemmas, one of those is its military use, which would allow it to make the decision to kill a human being.

The revolution of robots can be a great opportunity as long as society is prepared. States need to confront the future of this workforce as soon as possible with policies that insist on training. The key point is that the arrival of the robots does not mean a destruction of employment, but a transformation. But for that, you have to get going from now. Because the machines are not going to wait for you!

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