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51.13pc women harassed on social media

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Published on : 27 May 2018, 08:26 AM
51.13pc women harassed on social media

The average time people spend on Facebook and other social media platforms has gone up recently. People knowingly or unknowingly share more than necessary on the blue and white world of Facebook, Twitter and other places forgetting the impending danger of revealing too much of their personal life. In this regard, the female users are more prone to become the victim than the male users.

A recent study of Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation (CCABD) reveals that 51.13 percent women fall into victims compared to the 48.87 percent of male victims.

According to a report, women from 18 to 30 years of age mostly become the victim of such crimes, and the percentage is 73.71, while 0.52 percent are below the age of 18, and 12.77 percent are of 30 to 45 years and 3 percent are above 45.

The female Facebook users are often victims of fakes accounts and account hacking. Downing photos from a girl’s profile and using them to create a fake account is very easy for the stalker. Once a fake account is created the stalker begins to spread propaganda through fake accounts and study reveals that 9.77 percent women are the victims of this propaganda.

It is also easy to send a message to someone who is not on someone’s friend list. Therefore, the offender can easily send threating messages to the victim and harass her. Most of these messages come from fake accounts so that there is no trace left for the authority to hunt down the offender easily.

In developed countries, where the law is enforced according and women are safer, file complaints against the offender and often he is caught. But here in this country, most of the times, women choose to remain silent despite being harassed every day on social media. However, the victims believe that 44 percent of victims believe that immediate and exemplary punishment can reduce cybercrimes.

Our country is developing day by day. Now, we have reached such a position when we cannot allow the offenders to roam freely on social media. The law enforcers must bring some of them to justice immediately to create an exemplary.