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Sheikh Hasina–the champion of humanity

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Published on : 08 January 2018, 08:00 PM
Sheikh Hasina–the champion of humanity

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been selected as the most “humanitarian person” of the world by ‘Center for Humanitarian Leadership’ of Australia’s Deakin University. Sheikh Hasina has been considered as the Champion of Humanity of the Year-2017.

The second most humanitarian person was announced to be Christian religious leader Pope Francis. The third place is held by the richest person of the world Bill Gates. The fourth place was acquired by German Chancellor Angel Markel and another billionaire businessman Warren Buffet has been placed in the fifth.

“Sheikh Hasina has proven that all we need is to have a big heart to stand beside helpless people. Despite being a relatively less developed country with no significant resources of its own, Sheikh Hasina assumed the role of a humanitarian leader when she stood beside the persecuted Rohingyas of Myanmar,” the organization stated in its recently published report.

Regarding Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s humanitarian act as ‘unprecedented’, Center for Humanitarian Leadership stated that “this proves that not only money but also a generous, courageous and motherly heart is required to help the needy.” The organization in its report marked the Rohingya crisis as the most disastrous humanitarian calamity of 2017.

The report further states that about 135.7 million people in crisis around the world need help and assistance worth an estimated $22.5 billion.

The second place as the most humanitarian person is held by Pope Francis who as the report states, “was firm and translucent in his role to maintain uninterrupted peace and humanity world-wide.’’

With a net worth of 90.2 billion US dollars, world’s richest person Bill Gates stands third in the list. He along with his wife Melinda Gates runs the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” which works for the development is various sectors such as health, education and poverty alleviation of the poor children and women.

Sheltering Syrian refugees despite extreme political pressure from her country made Angela Markel the fourth most humanitarian leader in the list.

The fifth person of the list, Warren Buffet has for reportedly donated $32 billion to charities. The billionaire is firm to donate half of his wealth to humanitarian causes.

Center for Humanitarian Leadership is partnered with 16 international organizations and humanitarian entities including Save the Children, IKEA Foundation, Care, Plan International, Relief International, Oxfam International and World Vision.

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