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World Oceans Day today

Published on : 08 June 2019, 08:19 AM
World Oceans Day today
Today is June 8, World Oceans Day. In 1992, a group of Canadian delegates proposed celebrating this day internationally at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In view of this, in December 2008, the United Nations declared to celebrate the day internationally. Since 2009, the world celebrates 8 June as World Oceans Day. `Gender and the Ocean` has been chosen as 2019`s theme.
Protect the oceanic environment for ensuring the survival of animals in the world is significant and indispensable. We are all dependent on the sea in our everyday life. Our sea and oceans are the huge reservoir of food, medicine, and oxygen, which is extremely necessary for our survival. But due to man-made pollution and climate change, the ocean`s environment is under threat today. The ocean`s ecosystems are being destroyed every day and the destruction of ocean biodiversity is following that process also.
Green Economy report of United Nations sustainable development program stated that approximately 30 percent of the world`s fisheries are being used excessively. Almost 50 percent of the full usage is going on along with it. Nearly 20 percent of the coastal mangrove forests have been destroyed and the future of reefs in the tropical areas is also endangered. Nearly 40 percent of the people living in the coastal areas of 100 kilometers are dependent in the sea for food. It is feared that these negative changes will affect their livelihood. To deal with it, the process of cultivation and fishing will have to make environment-friendly. The world economy will also be benefited by this initiative. 
The main objective of celebrating World Oceans Day is to protect the normal balance of the marine ecosystem. World-renowned zoos, museums, public-private environmental organizations, schools, colleges, universities arrange various awareness programs on the day so that the world can know about the maritime ecosystem and not affect the ocean.
There is no alternative to awareness of protecting the ocean environment and the conservation of biodiversity. And all of us have to be vocal in order to protect this huge waterway.
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