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Cyberbullying, dark side of technology

Published on : 27 May 2019, 08:23 AM
Cyberbullying, dark side of technology

Amanda Michelle Todd, a 15-year-old Canadian student, claimed her own life after being a victim of continuous cyberbullying. Before her death, she posted a video on YouTube in which she used a series of flash cards to tell her experience of being blackmailed and of being bullied and physically assaulted. 

In this era of information technology, cyberbullying not remains an unfamiliar term. This problem is getting a gigantic form the way people got them at home with social media. And the most alarming thing is women become the major target.

Cyberbullying is one kind of bullying that takes place over digital devices through SMS, text, and apps, or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. This practice includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about some individual that can cause embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior. Victims are often socially and financially damaged. Incidents like blackmailing and kidnapping also occur in this case.

Initially, teenagers have been targeted in this kind of harassment, but people of all ages become the victim of cyber bullying in the recent times. Currently, a large part of Facebook users, including the college and university students, are facing cyberbullying in the context of Bangladesh. According to the data, 49 percent of school students in Bangladesh are regular victims of cyberbullying. Only 26 percent of them filed a complaint by expressing their persecution online and the rest remained silent on the fear of losing their social status.

The effects of cyberbullying are so fatal that in its increasing pressure, the victim can suffered from depression, insomnia and suicidal tendency.

Since children and teenagers are the most vulnerable in this case, parents must stay alert. They have to counsel their children about cyberbullying and advise them to not share any personal information with an unknown person. If possible, they should join social media and should keep an eye on their children`s activities on social media.

Apart from this, the mentioned code of conduct should be followed to avoid this harmful practice.

  1. Mark a clear border between personal and social life. Don`t share the personal address, phone number in social media.
  2. Avoid making unknown person friend in social media and keep your personal posts and pictures private.
  3. Before uploading photos to Facebook or any other website, you should know that anyone can upload and inappropriately edit your pictures.
  4. Follow the rule `stranger danger`.
  5. Don`t share the password of your personal ID.
  6. Use two-factor verification along with difficult passwords to keep online ID safe.
  7. Refrain from receiving calls from unknown numbers.
  8. If someone disturbs you on phone, inform your family members.
  9. Keep the screenshots of bullies.
  10. Get legal help if necessary.

The victim of cyberbullying should seek legal help immediately. Because silence makes this kind of criminal braver. So, contact law enforcement agencies and legal organizations that provide assistance in this case. Information technology is reducing our distance, time and money. But at the same time, its dark use becomes the cause of many damages.  Its dark side could be responsible for the collapse of prosperity. Cyberbullying is the abuse of information technology. It needs to be stopped.


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