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Shawkat Osman: Bengal’s ‘Gorky’

Published on : 14 May 2019, 08:22 AM
Shawkat Osman: Bengal’s ‘Gorky’

Shawkat Osman once claimed that he is not a writer, he is basically a `dustman` and will clean all the existing garbage and trash of the society through his writing. Such mockery, ridicule, joke, derision was mixed with his blood. He used this talent as a weapon and threw it to the society’s clowns, hypocrites and fundamentalist giants. In reality, he considered religious fanaticism as his enemy and chased it throughout his life.   

Environment, people and life - nobody could defeat Shawkat Osman. He has always kept his head high. He became one of the most respected writers of Bangladesh through his talent. His talent and creativity have been featured in almost all branches of literature, including stories, novels, plays, political articles, romance, memoirs, and children`s books.

Shawkat Osman writes about the abusive and brutal activities of Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators during the War of Liberation. Likewise, he also portrayed the image of brave freedom fighters who fought for the independence of the country. Jahannam Haite Biday, Dui Sainik, Nekre Aranya, Jolangi are his creation on our Great Liberation War. He chose voluntary deportation in Kolkata after the brutal assassination of the Father of the Nation and his family on 15 August, 1975. It was the manifestation of his protesting character.

Shawkat Osman is the creator of hundreds of writings. His most praised and acclaimed novels are Janani and Kritadaser Hasi. Some dark aspects of social and political life have been exposed in these two novels. However, he did not practice literary pursuits just sitting in his house. Apart from writing, he came down on street for the country and the nation many times. Although he was not active in politics, he was outspoken on expressing his political views. He also took part in the anti-autocracy movement, even in physical illness.

He had deep love for the poor workers. He used to term himself as a petty `laborer` of Bengali literature. That is why journalist-writer Santosh Gupta had termed him as Bengal`s `Gorky`. Because both Maxim Gorky and Shawkat Osman have given priority to the description of the life of poverty-stricken people.

Shawkat Osman started writing his autobiography `Rahnama` at the end of his life. But on March 29, 1998, he suddenly got cerebral attack. As a result, he lost his ability to write and his `Rahnama` remains unfinished. This finest artisan of Bengali literature took his last breath on 14 May 1998 suffering from this attack. For his special contribution to literature and culture, he has been awarded with various awards like the Bangla Academy Literary Award, Adamjee Literary Award, President Award, Ekushey Padak, Independence Day Award and many more.

On his death anniversary we remember this versatile author with great respect.


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