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Bob Marley: A Rastafarian rebel singer

Published on : 11 May 2019, 08:13 AM
Bob Marley: A Rastafarian rebel singer
The song `Buffalo Soldier` is still as popular as its creator Bob Marley is in the music world. This uncompromising Jamaican Reggae artist always spoke against racism and exploitation against black people through his unprecedented songs. This Rastafarian rebel coming from a slum in the suburbs of Jamaica spreads Reggae genre across the world. 
On 11 May 1981, this great singer and songwriter died of lung and brain cancer. The music world still remembers this great artist with great reverence.
Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945 in the poor hometown of Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica. His full name was Robert Nesta Bob Marley. But after parting a part of his name by Jamaica`s passport office, he became Bob Marley.
Marley`s father was a white British employee and mother was a black Jamaican. For this reason, Bob Marley has been subjected to black and white conflict since his childhood. Interestingly, his black friends in school called him `white boy`. And in the white world he was termed as `black` because he always sang for the rights of the oppressed blacks.
Marley had formed a band with some friends at the age of 18. After that he composed songs some times for his band, some time for himself. 
Bob Marley was simultaneously a singer, songwriter and music director. He composed about 500 songs. His songs and he himself are well-known in almost all the countries of the world. Marley was so popular all over the world that once the Jamaican government presented Bob Marley to prevent a terrible political riot in the country. He was and is considered as an icon to the third world. In 36 years of small life, he had been able to create a stir around the world.
Marley and his band `Wailers` brought the album `Burnin` in 1974, that contained famous song "Get Up, Stand up". In the sixties and seventies, this song has given courage to the rebellious people in anti-nationalist and anti-imperialist movement in several countries.
Jamaica was full of communalism and turmoil in Marley`s time. The country was suffering political, social and economic tensions. Racism related conflict was a common phenomenon back then. Marley himself wlsuffered from black-and-white conflict from his childhood. But he always used to sing songs of humanity. He was quite popular to the oppressed and somnambulists. He has protested against political aggression through his singing. He opposes imperialism using his songs as a weapon.
In 1999, Time magazine named `Bob Marley and the Wailers` album as the "Best Album of the Twentieth Century". Marley`s most popular songs include `Get Up, Stand Up`, `Buffalo Soldier`, `One Love` and `No Woman, No Cry`. The BBC has chosen his song `One Love` as the best song of the century.
Bob Marley stood at number three on the list of the best musicians in the British opinion poll. And he is the only person to get the place from the `Third World` in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame list. He is also on the UK Music Hall of Fame. He got Grammy lifetime award.
This braided singer used his songs as a weapon against all injustice and inequality. He was adored by everyone regardless of the rich and poor. Bob Marley`s popularity has not fallen even after his death many years back.
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