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Holodomor: A nightmare of human history

Published on : 10 May 2019, 08:49 AM
Holodomor: A nightmare of human history
The word `famine` is always grievous. Who does not know about the Bengal famine of 1943? An estimated 2.1–3 million, out of a population of 60.3 million, died of starvation in that manmade disaster.  In the previous decade of Bengal Famine, another terrible manmade famine broke out in another subcontinent far away from Bengal. It killed at least 70 lac Ukrainians. This famine known as `Holodomor` is also termed as `Terror-Famine` and `Famine-Genocide in Ukraine`.  Although for a long time the government of Ukraine did not recognize it as a genocide. After almost 73 years, it was first recognized in Ukraine in 2006. 
The Soviet Union government and Joseph Stalin`s futile imaginative decision was responsible for this famine-genocide. In 1928, the then Soviet leader Stalin launched social ownership in agricultural program for Soviet Ukraine. At the beginning it was thought, there will be a great improvement in the ownership of agricultural land and livestock of Ukraine under the Soviet regime through this new system. Besides, Stalin`s purpose was to provide food for urban industrial workers, and to arrange the necessary money for urbanization through the export of crops abroad.
But in reality, this system was destroying the nationalist base of Ukraine. In order to implement agricultural social ownership, from 1929 to 1930 the farmers of Ukraine were forced to hand over their cropped lands and farms to the state-run farms. They got only option to lend their labor in the farm in exchange for specific money. But this five-year plan completely failed. Along with the necessary crops, a large number of unfamiliar or short-lived crops had been cultivated, which were being seized by the government. There was a lack of proper management also. As a result, millions of tons of crops were being damaged, while the nationwide crisis of food intensified.
In this context, a class of farmers named `Kulaks` emerged who refused to accept Stalin`s policy. As a result, by 1930, Stalin started full-scale Kulaks elimination project. Soviet authorities have forcefully snatched Kulaks` lands and foods from them. Then a group of them were deported and sent to Siberia. And the rest of them die of starvation in their own country.
When the food crisis intensified, many people were forced to take a desperate move and become cannibal. They began to eat human flesh in order to survive. At that time, the human flesh became a very desirable thing in black market. Some people started selling human flesh by killing them. But after all this, cannibalism was prohibited and was considered as an offensive crime. During the Holodomor, 2,505 people were arrested for this crime.
This nightmare marked its end in 1933. The National Museum "Memorial to Holodomor victims" claims that at that time, 70 lac people died within the border of Ukraine only. Besides, more than 30 lac people died after crossing the border. But the more terrible thing is that in some statistics, the number of deaths has also been told to the extent of 2 crore 6 lac. In order to suppress the actual number of Holodomor death, the Soviet government imposed restrictions on the publication of census results. The most disturbing thing is terming this heinous deed as `nationalist manifestation`, Kremlin has not accepted it as a genocide till now. 
There are several such examples of the strange madness of displaying power that can cause disasters in the world. Holodomor is one of the examples of human selfishness, jealousy, pride of power and the never-ending greed that can turn this world into hell.
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