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Martyr Jagat Joity: A forgotten legend

Published on : 26 April 2019, 08:23 AM
Martyr Jagat Joity: A forgotten legend

A 21-year-old led the independence of a vast `Haor` region that included Sunamganj, Netrokona, Habiganj, Kishoreganj during our Great Liberation War in 1971. He formed `Das party` with 36 guerrilla fighters that was considered one of worst nightmares to Pakistani invading army. The Pakistani army was forced to announce the closure of the naval movement from Bhairab to Sunamganj, in fear of the sudden attacks of that young man and his army. Terror of his attack forced the Pakistan government to announce that "The government will not take responsibility for the life and resource of people traveling through this route". The special commando team with air support was sent just to defeat him. Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra never got tired to circulate his heroism. This 21-year-old brave heart is Jagat Joity Das.

Born in Jalsukha village Ajmiriganj, Habiganj District, Bangladesh on 26 April, 1949, this valorous fighter was a college student when Liberation War broke out. After receiving training from Meghalaya, India, Das joined guerrilla group of Mukti Bahini and formed Das Party. He was responsible for keeping the wide Bhati region under the Takerghat sub-sector enemy-free. Das Party`s fighters fought to keep the waterways of Dirai, Shalla, Chhatak, Ajmiriganj, Baniachong, Jamalganj, Tahirpur, Kishoreganj and Netrokona free from Pak infiltration. He stopped the progress of 250 soldiers and allies of the invading army in Baniachong with only 13 associates. 35 Pakistani soldiers were killed in that war. Jagat Joity bravely fought the Pakistani army and their collaborators.

This brave warrior falls prey of Pakistani army`s conspiracy and his life was cut shot. He was shot on chest during a front war. Some people claim that he was still alive when the hyenas captured him. He was brutally tortured and nailed. His body was brought to Ajmiriganj bazar. Even his parents were forced to see the distortion of his dead body. Jagat Joity`s body was dumped in the river and his home was burnt down.

Belal Mohammad, an organizer of the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, told that announcement was made to honor this valiant warrior with `Bir Sreshtho` (The Most Valiant Hero), the highest gallantry award of Bangladesh, title and his heroism was being promoted with respect. All India Radio and several media continuously published Jagat Joity`s resistance. The government-in-exile of Bangladesh announced him the posthumous medal. But the government of Bangladesh came back from the promise after independence due to an unknown reason. In 1972 Jagat Joity was awarded the Bir Bikrom, the third highest gallantry award. In reality, the prize was given two years later.

In 1971 thousands of epics were composed in this land. Those epics comprise the stories of thousands of heroes. Thousands of fearless warriors fought with great courage against most atrocious crimes committed in the history of humankind. But we did not remember all of them. Martyr Jagat Joity is a forgotten episode of our glorious history, is a name of valor that has been lost because of our apathy.


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