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Six years of Rana Plaza tragedy: Justice still elusive

Published on : 24 April 2019, 08:18 AM
Six years of Rana Plaza tragedy: Justice still elusive

Today marks six years of Rana Plaza tragedy. On 24 April, 2013, the country witnessed most horrific industrial disaster in its history after an eight-storied building named Rana Plaza in Savar Bazar bus stand area collapsed claiming 1,137 lives. That disaster left thousands more workers injured and more than 2,400 persons permanently crippled. The survivors and the family members of the casualties are still conveying the relish of the biggest disaster in the garments sector of the country. A large part of the survivors could not get out of the trauma, some have become lame for life. Many of the dead were the only earning persond in the family. These families have not been able to come out of the grief yet. Besides, the victims of that disaster are getting agitated and frustrated as the accused of that incident including the building owner Rana have not been brought to justice even after so many years. 

Meanwhile, Garments Sramik Front has been working for government`s recognition of 24th April as “Garment Workers` Mourning Day”. They had organized a human chain and gathering program in front of the collapsed Rana Plaza in Savar on Friday April 19th. They also demanded the highest punishment of those involved in the Rana Plaza tragedy.

While addressing to the gathering, Advocate Soumitra Kumar Das, Garments Sramik Front`s President, said, "Five years have been passed after Rana Plaza has collapsed, still, families of 1,137 workers killed in that collapse didn`t get justice".

That time the speakers criticized the government for the slow trial process and for determining small compensation amount that is only Tk 2 lac. They claimed that because of such indifference the owners are becoming more desperate with time. So, they demanded an increase in compensation to each of the affected in Rana Plaza incident following the ILO Convention. They also urged the lawmakers to make laws with exemplary punishments.

There is no more chance of separating life from memory of this tragic day. However, facilities provided by the state subsequently were not used properly. But after the incident, analysts appreciated various steps promised for the development of the garments industry.

The incident Rana Plaza does not represent the whole country. However, analysts believe it is important to complete the trial of the responsible owners to bring back the confidence. They have also advised to remain alert to avoid tragedy like Rana Plaza in future.


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