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Earth Day 2019 today

Published on : 22 April 2019, 09:50 AM
Earth Day 2019 today

Earth Day is being observed across the world with many programs with a pledge to keep the world safe and livable. April 22 is observed as Earth Day to raise awareness about overpopulation, pollution, conservation of biodiversity, and other environmental concerns. The day reflects the interdependence among the human beings and other living beings. The theme of `Earth Day 2019` is `protect species`.

Different countries of the world are now facing natural disasters and adversities as a result of climate change. In this context, the day is observed to raise awareness about nature and environment. To protect this planet,people need to reduce carbon emissions, save wildlife and maintain balance of nature.

The day was first observed in the year 1970, and is now organized jointly by the Earth Day Network, and is observed every year in more than 193 countries.

This day was introduced by former US senator Gaylord Nelson on 22 April, 1970. The day is officially observed in many countries of the world. The countries of northern hemisphere observe this day during spring and southern hemisphere observes it in autumn. This day gets international recognition in 1990 and was organized by 141 nations.

On 2016, United States, China and 120 other countries signed an agreement on Earth Day. As a result of this agreement, there was relief to enter into a real essential activity of the historic draft climate protection agreement, a decision that was taken with the approval of 195 countries in the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

A large number of social groups celebrate Earth Week, and also organize various activities throughout the week with the environmental aspects that the world faces today.

The world should never forget that the earth and its ecosystems are the home to all kinds of living beings. Therefore, it is mandatory to promote harmony with nature and the earth for a better future for the next generations.


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