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Hitler: The name that shook the world

Published on : 20 April 2019, 08:18 AM
Hitler: The name that shook the world
Adolf Hitler went down in history as the main architect of the holocaust, which was the "final solution" devised by Nazism to annihilate the Jewish population of Europe.

According to some historians, up to 6 million people were brutally murdered in the German concentration camps. But why did the Austrian leader hate the Jews so much?

It is said that, probably, he saw in them the people who were responsible for the German misfortune, since despite being businesspeople and bankers, they refused to help their country in its recovery after the First World War.

For the Führer, the Jews were greedy, selfish and petty, and he blamed them for the defeat of their country in the aforementioned military conflict, as well as the subsequent misfortunes that occurred in German.

A more paradoxical theory is that his father and paternal grandfathers were Jewish, something to which it is necessary to add that his own mother died attended by a Jewish doctor.

But it must be clarified that anti-Semitism became very common in Europe since the Middle Ages, when a large part of society began to accuse the Jews of having killed the son of God. 

Aside from the fact that Hitler created a humanitarian crisis worldwide, he himself believed that he was fighting for the freedom of his people. It gets clear when we hear Hitler saying- “God, give us the strength so that we can preserve our freedom, that of our children and the children of our children, not only for ourselves, but also for the other peoples of Europe, because this is a war that we are all waging, this time, not only for our German people, but throughout Europe, and in the long run, for all humanity.”

Today is Hitler’s 130th birth anniversary. The world may remember him today, but only with contempt and disdain for his evil doings.

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