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Anwar Pasha: An inspiration for the youth

Published on : 15 April 2019, 08:22 AM
Anwar Pasha: An inspiration for the youth
Anwar Pasha`s Rifle-Roti-Aorat is similar to Anne Frank`s diary. The author somehow managed to escape the massacre of 25th of March but could not escape from December 14 atrocity. It seems that he had lived for a few days to spread his colossal creation to the people of the country.

This martyred intellectual and litterateur was born on this day in 1928 at Dabkai village in Murshidabad. He joined Dhaka University as a lecturer of Department of Bangla in 1966.

Anwar Pasha’s works included novels, essays, poems, and short stories. However, his greatest work, the novel Rifle-Roti-Aorat, was based on the nine-month liberation war of this country. Many say that he lived to produce this piece of writing. This was the first novel written based on the great Liberation War of Bangladesh.

His other notable writings include Nadi Nihshesita Hale (1963), Nid Sandhani (1968), Nishuti Rater Gatha (1968), Nirupay Harini (1970), Rabindra Chhotagalpa Samiksa (Vol. I 1963, Vol. II 1973), Sahityashilpi Abul Fazal (1968). 
He was a staunch supporter of the then East Pakistan getting independence from the clasp of Pakistani hyena. He dreamt of an independent Bangladesh but could not see his dream come true as the Pakistani oppressors killed him shortly before the country achieved its freedom from Pakistan.

On December 14, 1971, the assailants of Al-Badar picked up Anwar Pasha from his university flat and took him to Mirpur where they killed him brutally. Very few writers in this world had to pay with their lives for writing something.
Today, on his 90th birth anniversary, Bangla Insider remembers him with the utmost respect and prays for his departed soul. May his courage inspire the youth of our nation.
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