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Nation celebrating Chaitra Sangkranti with huge enthusiasm

Published on : 13 April 2019, 08:14 AM
Nation celebrating Chaitra Sangkranti with huge enthusiasm
Chaitra Sangkranti, an age-old festival of rural Bangladesh that marks the last day of a Bangla year, is being celebrated across the country with huge enthusiasm.

Chaitra,  the last month of Bosonto (Spring Season) is a form of solar calendar followed by rural people of Bengal over the years. Mughal Emperor Akbar officially introduced it to the lunar calendar to solve the problem with taxation.

In Bangladesh, the day is celebrated with a great feeling of devotion, enthusiasm and pleasure. The day is considered auspicious by the Hindu community for charity, donation and holy bath. 

Usually rural people organize different festivals, especially fairs, to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another. “Charak puja” and "Gajon Mela" are the major events of day-long Chaitra Sangkranti festival.

Different tribal groups of Bangladesh celebrate Chaitra Sangkranti with various colorful festivals. Biju or Baishabi is celebrated on the last day of the year with different types of foods and several colorful rituals in Chittagong Hill Tracts. They believe that passing the last day of the year by having and delivering good food is auspicious.

Local fair known as ‘Chaitra Sankranti Mela’, is being organized in many places across the rural parts of Bangladesh where local artisans sell different types of traditional handicrafts and other products including hand-made toys. Circus and Jatra pala often attract a major crowd in the fair. These fairs begin on Chaitra Shankranti eve and continue for a week on the occasion of Bangla New Year. People from all walks of lives participate and get indulged in the fair with festive mood.
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