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Culture of violence and Nusrat’s death

Published on : 12 April 2019, 08:12 AM
Culture of violence and Nusrat’s death

Feni madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi finally lost her battle for life. After battling for five days with 80% burning injuries, the 18-year-old left her last breath on Wednesday night (April 10). Although the prime suspect, Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa principal Siraj-ud-Daula is in police custody and got seven days remand, police, however, could not identify the attackers yet. Several people have though been detained and interrogated so far.

On the other hand, miscreants tried to kill a man named Abu Saleh Mim at Char Ganesh of Sonagazi by setting fire on him. He was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital under critical condition. Earlier on Tuesday, four members of a family sustained severe burn injuries after a planned arson attack at their house in Lochonpur village of Raipuraupazila. It is known that the attacks were carried out over land dispute.

There are more brutal incidents taking place. An eight-year-old has recently been kidnapped and killed by an Imam of a mosque at Demra in the capital. Police said that Mu`adhin and Imam killed that boy after failing to molest him.

These incidents happened only in April. When the brutality and cruelty become a general matter, sense and sensibility become numb. Hundreds of unusual phenomena and brutal deaths around us have made us callous.

When various irregularities and corruption increase, the regulation seems to be out of the race. The most horrifying thing is that the culture of injustice teaches us to compromise. The topics like protest and seeking justice are now facing existential crisis in the current society. So, when Nusrat, who is victim of sexual violence by her teacher, went to the police station seeking justice, she had been tagged with `drama queen` title by the protectors of the law. The value of money and power has now reached such a level that people now stand by side of the molesters.

Nusrat`s molesters Siraj-ud-Daula has a dark past. There are several complaints of fraud, money embezzlement, including multiple allegations of sexual harassment. There are still six cases against him in the police station. But it is astonishing that despite having so many complaints, there was no one to protest against him. It is known that Siraj-ud-Daula was once involved with Jamaat`s politics. But he has been protected and supported by Sonagazi municipal Awami League general secretary and ward councilor Maksudur Rahman, who is also a member of Madrasa governing body.

The influential people of that area were active in the sense of protecting this evil person rather making him serve imprisonment for his crime. When Nusrat`s family repeatedly got threats and pressure after suing the principal, no one came forward with the help the family needed. Police, governing committee, and district administration did not provide security to Nusrat. Rather, Sonagazi`s OC tried to refer Nusrat`s killing as a suicide at first. He tried to direct the investigation into a wrong way.  Everyone, law, administration and political leaders—all remain silent in this horrible incident of Nusrat. Virtually everybody had sold their conscience and humanity to the money and power of the killer, Siraj-ud-Daula. And using this opportunity, that monster destroyed this teenage girl`s life.

Nusrat is being subjected to politics and business. She was so unfortunate that she did not get any human behavior. She nearly survived molestation but could not survive the death.

Our society is getting filled up with the people like Siraj-ud-Daula, Maksudur Rahman, officer in charge of Sonagazi Police Station. We can`t stop their continuous rise through our conscience, humanity, and law.  And it resulted in the untimed departure of Nusrat and thousands of people like her. Conscience and humanity are repeatedly defeated in terms of money and power. The High Court today issued a warning that the investigation of Nusrat`s killing should not be prolonged like Cumilla`s college student Tanu.

We therefore hope that Nusrat would not drop out like Tanu. She wanted to fight against injustice till the end, wanted to punish the accused. We hope Nusrat would be able to get the justice.


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