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Master Da Surya Sen: Valiant hero of Bengal

Published on : 22 March 2019, 09:11 AM
Master Da Surya Sen: Valiant hero of Bengal
Today marks the 125th birth anniversary of Master Da Surya Sen, one of the greatest heroes of the subservient Bengal under British rule, who sacrificed his life in anti-British movement. On this day of 1894, Surya Sen was born in an economically challenged family at Noapara, under Raozan Upazila in Chittagong. He is and will be remembered forever for leading the Chittagong armory raid in Chittagong.
After losing his parents at a very tender age, Surya Sen grew up under the guardianship of his paternal uncle. He was studious, calm and righteous from his childhood. Behind the title of Master Da, his profession of being a school teacher is the reason. The idea of nationalism influenced him greatly when he was still a student of Bachelor of Arts at Bahrampore College in 1916. His teacher Shatishchandra Chakrabarti initiated revolutionary thought in him first. Then, it became official when he was selected as the president of Indian National Congress of Chittagong branch in 1918.
Under his leadership, many young teenagers were inspired to fight against the British Cantonment. However, many of them were arrested while being involved in separation missions in different parts of Chittagong to oust the British force from the Bengal. The most renowned mission of Surya Sen and his associates was the Chittagong armory raid where they hoisted the Indian National Flag on the premises of the armory valiantly. Their attempt was to steal the armaments off the British army, but they failed to get ammunition and could only plunder arms.
After that mission, Sen stayed in hiding for days. Under disguise Sen started to roam around the country, sometimes working as a day laborer, sometimes as a priest and sometimes as a farmer. However, he was captured by the British on February 16, 1933, in his hideout. Because of the deception of Sen`s comrade Brajen Sen`s brother Netra Sen, the British were able to arrest him.
Netra Sen received his both awards, one by the British government for helping them to capture Surya Sen and another for the same job, but by a revolutionary who beheaded the traitor with a big knife. The traitor’s wife was a supporter of Master Da and therefore she never revealed the name of her husband’s murderer.
Before executing Master Da, the British tortured him viciously. They have plucked all his teeth one by one and pulled out his nails in the same manner. They did not stop there, they broke all the limbs and joints of his body.
His last words for his friends that he wrote in a letter were the most heart-breaking. It said, “Death is knocking at my door. My mind is flying away towards eternity ...At such a pleasant, at such a grave, at such a solemn moment, what shall I leave behind you? Only one thing, that is my dream, a golden dream-the dream of Free India... Never forget the 18th of April,1930, the day of the eastern Rebellion in Chittagong... Write in red letters in the core of your hearts the names of the patriots who have sacrificed their lives at the altar of India’s freedom.”
This region was liberated from British rule, the dream of Surya Sen has come true. But he could not see this freedom. He had to give the ultimate sacrifice for it. This valiant hero was executed by the British rulers on 12 January 1934, at the age of only 39.
Bangla Insider remembers this great hero with the utmost respect and prays for his departed soul.
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