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Buddhadeb Bosu’s death anniversary today

Published on : 18 March 2019, 08:27 AM
Buddhadeb Bosu’s death anniversary today

Today marks the 45th death anniversary of Buddhadeb Bosu, the most prominent ambidextrous writer of Bengali literature. On this day of 1974, this meritorious writer died in Kolkata, India.

Bosu was born on November 30, 1908, in Cumilla, Bengal Presidency, British India (today Bangladesh). He was a versatile writer who wrote novels, short stories, plays and essays in addition to poetry. He is the main contriver of post-Rabindra modern Bengali literature. In order to be uninfluenced from Rabindra genre, he and contemporary literary-artists took the inspiration from Western literature. He was recognized as one of the initiators of the new poetry of the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. However, he is particularly honored for the publication and editing of poetry.

Buddhadeb Bosu studied English language and literature at the University of Dhaka. He was a meritorious student. He completed his MA in English there with distinction marks that remains unsurpassed as of 2007.

Buddhadeb started his career as a professor. Although he was occupied in various activities throughout his life, teaching was his main occupation for the livelihood. He taught at Kolkata Ripon College, Pennsylvania College for Women of US, and Jadavpur University. From 1945 to 1951 he became a journalist in the Statesman magazine. In 1952, he was appointed as Project Advisor to UNESCO in Delhi and Mysore.

Buddhadeb Bosu also earned fame as editor of high-quality literature magazine. He was involved with the editing of magazines such as Progoti, Kallol, Choturonga, and Kavita. In the case of the prosperity and expansion of modern Bengali poetry, the role of his quarterly `Kavita` magazine remains unmatched.

Bosu`s novels such as Akormonnya, Rhododrendron Guchho, Jedin Futlo Komal proved his poetic tendencies. On the other hand, Tithi Dore, Nirjon Swakhor, Shesh Pandulipi etc. novels introduced a new life-related genre. His achievements in creative literature with critical literature are similar. He made English syntax popular in Bengali prose.

A number of 156 books were published by Bosu that included poetry, short story, novel, essay, criticism, drama, translation, editing, memoir, travel, child-literature, and other matters. At the end of his life, he concentrated on the writing of dramatic poetry.

Among the names who brought mmodernity in Bengali literature, Buddhadeb Bosu is one of them. He is regarded as one of the main leaders of the Kallol era. It has been said that since Rabindranath Tagore, perhaps, there has been no greater talent in Bengali literature than Bosu.

Buddhadeb Bosu received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967, Rabindra Puraskar in 1974 and was honored with a Padma Bhushan in 1970.

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