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What if it happened in Bangladesh?

Published on : 15 March 2019, 06:03 PM
What if it happened in Bangladesh?

Forty people have been killed and more than twenty others have been seriously injured at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch after one gunman opened fire on worshipers. Among the dead, two were of Bangladeshi nationality. Several cricketers of Bangladesh National Cricket Team were heading towards the Al Noor mosque, where the attack took place, for the Friday prayer. They, fortunately, escaped the catastrophe and returned to the hotel safely. The third test match between Bangladesh and host New Zealand has been called off following the massacre. The process to bring back the national cricket team members as soon as possible is underway.

When such an incident happens in a developed country like New Zealand, there is not much to talk about the security issue. But what would have happened if this same incident occurred in Bangladesh?

We have not forgotten what happened following the Holey Artisan attack. Our cricketers were almost ostracized in the international arena. It did not stop with our cricketers; our tourism and the investment sectors also faced a great deal of trouble back then. The international arena even started doubting about the safety issue in Bangladesh. But Bangladesh emerged as a model state for curbing terrorism and militancy. Since the Holey Artisan incident, Bangladesh is now the role model to the world for curbing terrorism and militancy.

New Zealand Cricket refused to come to Bangladesh following the Holey Artisan incident. They sent an advanced security team to Bangladesh then who did not give clearance to come to the country. But the Bangladesh government ensured that all kind of security measures would be taken and they were given security like state heads.

After the Holey Artisan incident, Bangladesh has emerged as a role model to combat terrorism, and the way the foreign team got treated in Bangladesh, is literally rare.

The second thing is, was the Bangladesh cricket team offered the same security and respect in New Zealand as they were offered in Bangladesh? The right answer is a big ‘no’. Our players survived the brutal shooting miraculously. Now the question is, will Australia stop going to New Zealand after this incident? Will England think twice before going to New Zealand? Or what about South Africa? The answer is very clear, no, they will not stop visiting there.

We see loads of excuses when such an incident happens in an eventful country like Bangladesh. After such an incident, Bangladesh would be tagged as an ineligible country to live or a hideout for militants.

The whole world is no longer safe from militancy or terrorism. There were simultaneous terrorist attacks in the United States. It is happening in Britain and France too. Advanced countries often become the targets. Now, they are taking advice from Bangladesh for curbing terrorism in their countries. Why does a similar incident make the third world country like Bangladesh so insecure or uninhabitable?

All the countries of the world live in fear of militancy and terrorism. Whenever a cricketer visits abroad, ensuring his/her security and safety should be the main concern of the host country. New Zealand can learn a lot from Bangladesh in this issue like Bangladesh did learn many things from them.


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