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When will ministers-MPs learn from Sheikh Hasina?

Published on : 12 January 2019, 09:04 PM
When will ministers-MPs learn from Sheikh Hasina?

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the country has progressed a lot in the past ten years of her tenure. Besides successfully implementing a number of development projects, there has been a lot of progress in the technology sector. People of this country are now enjoying 3g and 4g internet services. Common people, as well as the ministers and members of parliament, are very active on social media. They share photos, videos and speeches on social media to grow their public relations.

The youth force of the country is also not behind. They share their daily activities on social media to update others about their life. The society nor the country has a headache about their presence and activities on the social media platform. However, the concern is when prominent people of the country use this platform and give rise to contentions.

Recently, a photo of state minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak created a stir and faced widespread criticism on social media for taking a pillion ride on a motorbike without a helmet. He wrote on his Facebook status, ‘First day going to the office on bike…’. After this, people demanded the law should apply equally to all.

If the state minister accepted his fault politely, there would not be any further controversy. But he chose to make excuses saying that it was an honest mistake as the rider had no extra helmet to offer him.

People nowadays want to be viral on social media. Unfortunately, this disease has affected our MPs and ministers. If it is not the truth, then why will they act like this? 

Earlier, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader became viral for riding on a bus. State minister for post and telecommunication Tarana Halim chose the same path. MP of Satkhira-4 constituency Jaglul Hayder often faces criticism because of sharing self-promotional speeches on social media.

After the formation of this cabinet, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went to pay tribute to the National Memorial at Savar with the cabinet members on a bus. Then the incident of paying tribute to the portrait of the Father of the Nation in Tungipara was also discussed widely. For saving the expenditure of state and bearing in mind public suffering, the common people praised these two incidents.

The activities of our prime minister have no connection with making them viral or showing off. She played with young children which became popular on social media. Her photos of soaking her feet in the seashore and hugging her younger sister did not require a personal photographer to make viral. People saw the reflection of themselves in her. When the common people exchange greetings with her, she does not act like a prime minister of a country but a commoner. When she rode on a rickshaw-van along with her grandchildren, the common picture of the rural life got reflected in it. To promote these incidents, she does not require any personal photographer. The people, with their own interest, make these events viral on social media. Her charisma has crossed the border and reached international media. When will our MPs and ministers earn these attributes of prime minister Sheikh Hasina?

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