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Historic Homecoming Day of Bangabandhu today

Published on : 10 January 2019, 08:09 AM
Historic Homecoming Day of Bangabandhu today

Today is January 10, the historic Homecoming Day of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is being observed across the country in a befitting manner. After getting released from the captivity of Pakistan, on January 10, 1972, the undisputed leader of the nation returned to the newly liberated sacred soil of Bangladesh. The return of Bangabandhu to the free country from the prison of Pakistan was another blessing in the history of Bangladesh and gave the completeness of the victory.

Where the Pakistani rulers had finished all the preparations for killing him, people of Bangladesh were waiting for his great return. On the dreadful night of 25 March 1971, the Pakistani military junta arrested Bangabandhu from his Dhanmondi 32 residence and sent him to Pakistan on the following day.

During the prison time in Pakistan, Bangabandhu faced inhuman torture and at a stage, he started counting the last moments of his life as the Pakistani court gave him the death sentence in a farcical trial. "I was a prisoner in the condemned cell awaiting hanging. From the day I went to jail, I did not know whether I was to live or not. I was mentally ready to die. But I knew Bangladesh would be liberated," Bangabandhu spoke emotionally of his ordeal in the Pakistani prison in a news conference at Claridge`s.

On December 16, 1971, Bangladesh became independent from the oppression of Pakistan and the whole nation burst into joy. However, the real taste of victory came when the leader of the nation returned to the country.

The Father of the Nation has been released from Pakistani prison on January 8. He went to London from there. Later, on January 9, he left for his beloved homeland. He came to Delhi on 10 January morning. There was a warm reception from the then President of India, V VGiri, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the entire Cabinet for the greatest leader of the newly independent Bangladesh. Bangabandhu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders and people of India for their generosity and support towards distressed Bangladeshi people.

Bangabandhu arrived in Dhaka on January 10. After the final conquest on December 16, the people of this land were awaiting cordially for him. Millions of people gave spontaneous reception from Dhaka Airport to Racecourse Maidan (presently known as Suhrawardy Udayan). According to the magazine, published at that time, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressed in that afternoon in the presence of nearly 10 lac people in the Racecourse Maidan. Bangabandhu urged the mass to help him rebuild the war-ravaged nation.

To celebrate this day, the ruling party Awami League, its associate bodies, other political parties, and socio-cultural-professional organizations have organized elaborate programs.

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