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Today marks 11th anniversary of devastating Sidr

Published on : 15 November 2018, 08:19 AM
Today marks 11th anniversary of devastating Sidr

Today is November 15 that marks the 11th anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters that ever hit Bangladesh. On this day of 2007, the super cyclone Sidr hit the coastal areas of Bangladesh. After forming in the central Bay of Bengal, this Category-5 tropical cyclone wreaked havoc in the coastal area with winds above 260 km/h (160 mph). This cyclone left a trail of destruction in just 20 minutes. The large part of Sundarbans and 638 square kilometers of the coastal upazilas of Morrelganj and Sarankhola were turned into a pile of debris.

However, thousands of people of Sharankhola upazila of Bagerhat were the main victims of Sidr. In particular, the South khali union of the upazila got deserted time. More than 600 people died from 7 villages. About 400 more people died from the south and north Southakhali villages. Most of the dead were women, children and old people. The number of missing people was 63. Around 11,428 people were injured after that disaster.

According to government estimation, 1,100 people died in coastal areas that time. And according to the unofficial estimation, the number of death is almost twice. Save the Children estimated the number of deaths to be between 5,000 and 10,000, while the Red Crescent Society reported that the number of deaths could be up to 10,000.

According to the sources, 2,341-kilometer barrage of the coastal region were damaged partially or completely damaged and its financial loss amount was about 700 crore taka.

The devastating cyclone destroyed 63,600 homesteads, 16.5 km of Dams, 206 schools and madrasas, five colleges, 4,769 boats and trawlers and killed 17,423 cattle. The crops of 12 thousand hectares of land and 8,889 hectares of shrimp enclosure were swept away by the deadly whirlpool.

The people of this region have been demanding long time to build sustainable dam in the area to reduce the severity of natural disasters like Sidr. The construction of the dam was started at one stage of peoples` demand. But in this case, allegations of different types of corruption and negligence were heard. As a result, the people of the affected areas are still living with anxiety and fear.

People of the affected areas are still carrying memories of that black day. Every year the nation and the survivors of that day remember this day with huge grievance. In order to remember the day, various social and cultural organizations organize various discussions, meetings, and seminars seeking the peace and salvation of the departed souls of cyclone Sidr.


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