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Writer Muhammad Wajed Ali’s death anniversary today

Published on : 08 November 2018, 08:16 AM
Writer Muhammad Wajed Ali’s death anniversary today

Writers who earned fame in the middle of the twentieth century with their lively stylus, Muhammad Wajed Ali was one of them. Today marks the 64th death anniversary of this eminent writer and journalist. On this day of 1954, he left his last breath in his village.

Muhammad Wajed Ali was born on 4th of September 1896 in Banshdaha village of Satkhira district. He is known as a writer with rationality. Simple and innate expression is one of the features of his composition.

Wajed Ali was greatly influenced by his father Munshi Muhammad Ibrahim. His father was a village doctor. In his dispensary, people used to gather to read newspapers and discuss different issues. All of this influenced a teenager Wajed Ali very deeply and pierced the dream of journalism into him.

While studying in Calcutta`s Bangabasi College, he was greatly influenced by Maulana Mohammad Akram khan and became involved in politics. He was dropped out of college right before his examination and then he joined the anti-British non-cooperation movement.

Later, he took up journalism and became involved in editing many daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines owned by Muslims in Calcutta from 1920 to 1935. He worked in Mohammadi, Nabajug, Sebak, Bangiya Mussalman Sahitya Patrika, the Mussalman, Khadem, Saogat, Sahachar, Bulbul and Samyabadi.

Wajed Ali was an interpreter and an idealist literary of Muslim cultures and social life. He left the government job and took social service as a vow of life through journalism and literary studies. He wrote many valuable articles in the contemporary newspapers and magazines about the defect of the Muslim society, the development of society and life in the context of new political background and the progress of language and literature.

Although Wajed Ali wrote over 200 articles, the number of his books is small. His eight books, which include biographies of varying lengths and a number of translations, have been published in his lifetime. Some if them are Marubhaskar, Smarnanandini (translation), Chhotader Hazrat Mohammad, Quaid-i-Azam Mohamed Ali Jinnah, Mohammad Ali, Don Quixote-er Galpa, Mahamanus Muhsin, and Syed Ahmad. Among them, the Marubhaskar and Smarnanandini are particularly notable. Part of his writings has been published in two volumes from Bangla Academy.

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