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Print media getting stronger in Bangladesh

Published on : 31 October 2018, 05:18 PM
Print media getting stronger in Bangladesh


The online media has gained tremendous popularity in digital Bangladesh. With the increase in the number of internet users in the country, the online media popularity has increased also. It is believed that in the near future, the popularity of this media will also surpass television and newspapers. In this context, the research organization `Poriprekkhit` has conducted a research titled "Is print media dying?` This study proved one thing clearly that Bangladesh`s print media will not desert right now rather it is getting stronger day by day. Even the number of readers of newspapers has increased in the last two years in Bangladesh.

According to the findings of `Poriprekkhit` research, 23 percent people read newspaper in Bangladesh. Among the readers, 55 percent (2 crore 2 lac and 40 thousand people) read several newspapers.

`Poriprekkhit` conducted this research from last July to September of this year. One thousand people from all over the country have been surveyed in this regard. 53 percent participants of the survey were men and 47 percent were women. It has been found, in the age of online and social media, readers of newspapers in Bangladesh are increasing.

Which magazine is in top based on the number of readers?

On the basis of publications, top five newspapers of Bangladesh are: Bangladesh Pratidin, Prothom Alo, Kaler Kantho, Jugantor, Amader Shomoy. Based on the information received from the hawkers, the number of daily circulations of Bangladesh Pratidin is 5 lac 72 thousand, Prothom Alo`s circulation 4 lac 66 thousand, Kaler Kantho`s circulation 2 lac 20 thousand, Jugantor`s circulation 2 lac and Amader Shomoy`s circulation 76 thousand copies.

Which one is on top in terms of credibility?

The survey conducted on one thousand readers found that 47 percent of people believe that Bangladesh Pratidin publishes authentic news contents. 23 percent readers believe Prothom Alo`s news is credible. And 11 percent readers considered the Daily Star as the most authentic newspaper.

Which magazine is ahead in terms of predictability?

From one thousand readers, 37 percent think that predictions of Bangladesh Pratidin were correct. 26 percent supported Prothom Alo in this regard. 11 percent of them chose other newspapers and 16 percent refused to comment on this question.

Which magazine is neutral or impartial?

According to the survey finding, 54 percent of the readers believe that Bangladesh Pratidin publishes neutral/impartial news contents. And 23 percent said Prothom Alo as neutral. 11 percent of readers think the Daily Star is neutral.


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