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Ghosts really exist?

Published on : 31 October 2018, 12:01 AM
Ghosts really exist?

The day of the ghosts has come again. Today is Halloween Day. October 31st is being celebrated as the ghost day all over the world with huge extravaganza. When there is so much talk and discussion about the ghosts around the world, then there is a need to talk about the ghosts and history of ghosts of our country. It is because we also have various stories about ghosts, conventional history, and fairytale. Today we will talk about our faith and disbelief in ghosts.

We all have had the experience of hiding into the bedcovers with the fear of ghosts.  At night, we were afraid of hearing ghost stories in the mouth of our parents and grandparents. The story of Mamdo Bhoot, Mecho Bhoot, Gacho Bhoot, Rakkhosh thrills our minds. We had the fear in the dark at night and also feared to look out of the window. But all such thrilling story about ghosts, so much of fear, so many stories—one question arises, do ghosts really exist or has anyone seen ghosts in his/her own eyes?

There has been no less discussion in the past or at present about the existence of ghosts. But it is still unknown to us whether the ghosts are a creation of our imagination only. It is so far unresolved. In fact, we have heard the story of ghosts over the ages. But we could not be sure whether ghosts exist or not. One question has always prevailed—do ghosts really exist?

Ghosts mean dead souls. Faith in ghosts has been seen since the ancient times. There is huge ancient folklore that describes ghosts in different forms. Many nations of the world have full faith in ghosts.

There are still many ideas as to the ghosts and superstitions or beliefs continue to exist. It is more relevant especially in our remote rural areas. For example, there is the fear of falling prey if someone goes under a certain tree. Maybe it`s a tiny tree. We heard that ghosts stay in certain trees like the banyan, and we still talk about this. In some parts of the city or village there are still many marked trees which are prohibited from going around.

One of the many myths is that the cakes are not eaten during the night. If you do so, you will get caught by the ghost. We often force our children to eat by threatening them with the story of ghosts. The children learn from early age that the ghosts are scary. Even though they have not seen the real ghosts, they start to become familiar with the ghosts, and monsters and they imagine the ghosts through their own imagination.

When the new moon or full moon takes place, then many ghostly falsehoods are spread with the story of ghosts. Restrictions such as none should leave the house after evening, nothing should be eaten, are imposed. In today’s technological era, many of us still follow this. Though such faith has diminished, it has not gone away completely.

Ghosts have a huge presence in our stories, myths, folk songs, and movies. If you hear the beautiful stories about ghosts, you will want to believe in them. Through there are debates whether ghosts really exist or not, some aspects of ghosts or some aspects of faith in ghosts have been fully gutted in our mind. We still follow some of the things that have been practiced. Often we imagine ghosts by observing any particular event.

But what is the explanation of science about ghosts? We know that science can explain everything. If you discuss about ghosts with a group of people, everyone will say that there are no ghosts, it is a wrong of eyes, unreasonable beliefs etc. Some people may get frightened after getting excited. They will try to tell their own story or others. But science says, people usually create abstract stories depending on their imagination. There has been explanation about the history of ghosts for thousands of years, yet science has no explanation for this.

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