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Today marks 63rd birth anniversary of Bill Gates

Published on : 28 October 2018, 10:22 AM
Today marks 63rd birth anniversary of Bill Gates

We all know Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. In fact, most of us feel some admiration for him and it is because he has been a genius of computer science and business from a very early age.

In 2017, he was the richest man in the world with a fortune that exceeded ninety billion dollars. It was his 18th time becoming the richest man in the world.

The American business tycoon William Henry Gates III, mostly known as Bill Gates, was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in an upper middle-class family along with two sisters, Kristianne and Libby. His father William Henry Gates II was a promising law student and his mother Mary Maxwell was an outgoing athlete at the University of Washington, who had been active in student politics. Bill had a very close relationship with his mother, who after a brief career as a teacher dedicated her time to raising her children and working in family affairs.

Bill was a voracious reader, spent many hours poredover books, mostly encyclopedias. Around the age of eleven, his parents began to have doubts about his strange behavior. He was good at school, but at times he seemed distracted. They were worried that he could be a lonely young man. Although they liked public education, when Bill turned thirteen, he was enrolled at Lakeside School in Seattle, a high school for well-to-do children. He, as always, did a good job in all his assignments, not only excelling in math and science, but also in theater and English.

It was at Lakeside School where he met Paul Allen, who was two years older than him. The two quickly became friends and linked their common enthusiasm for computers, although they were very different in other ways. Allen was reserved and shy. Bill had learned to be more of a fighter. Both spent much of their free time together, working on programs. Sometimes, they disagreed and conflicted about who was right or what should be executed in the computer lab.

In 1970, at the age of fifteen, Bill Gates entered the computer business with Paul. They developed a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle, which earned them their first big profit: twenty thousand dollars. Both wanted to start their own company, but Gates` parents wanted him to finish school and go to college to study law.

Bill graduated from the Lakeside School in 1973 and enrolled at Harvard University in the fall of that year, originally thinking about law school. But in his first year he spent more time in the computer lab of the university than in classes. Even being so far away, he never lost contact with Paul Allen, who, after attending Washington State University for two years, retired and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to work with the multinational Honeywell.

In the summer of 1974, Gates went to work with his friend at Honeywell, and during this time, Allen showed him an electronic magazine where there was an article about the Altair 8800 mini-computer, made by a small company in Albuquerque (New Mexico) called Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS). They both contacted the company, arguing that they were working on a BASIC software program and wanted to know if MITS was interested in developing such software for Altair.

The president of the company, Ed Roberts, asked the boys for a demonstration and they accepted the challenge; they spent the next two months testing the software in a computer lab at Harvard University. Allen then traveled to Albuquerque for a test run of this in the Altair and it worked perfectly. Allen was hired by MITS and Gates, ignoring the consternation of his parents, left Harvard to join him.

In 1975, they founded "Micro-Soft", a name that comes from the terms "micro-computer" and "software". Bill was barely twenty years old. Since then, the company started to move forward without the need to look back. As a result, in November 1985, Microsoft launched Windows, which looked very similar to the Macintosh system, released two years earlier, for which Apple sued, but when Microsoft was imposed in court; he showed that while there were graphic similarities, each individual function was clearly different. This gave Bill Gates a reputation as a ruthless competitor.

Since then, the company has had several controversies regarding its monopolistic practices, and that is that its business model is based on buying smaller companies to cover more areas of business.

Bill retired from Microsoft`s day-to-day operations in 2000, handing over the position of CEO to his college friend Steve Ballmer, who had been with the company since 1980, and positioning himself as Chief Software Architect to be able to concentrate on the most exciting side of the company, although he also remained the chairman of the board of directors.

In February 2014, Gates announced that he would step down as chairman of Microsoft`s board of directors in order to move to a new position as a technology advisor, and thus dedicate himself fully to his foundation.

Today is the birth anniversary of this great person who revolutionized the field of computer and software. Bangla Insider wishes him a very happy birthday.


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